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Murray Eco Green

In the region of Murray, Western Australia, there are several notable businesses that contribute to Eco Green practices. These businesses have taken steps to adopt environmentally friendly practices and products, reducing their carbon footprints and promoting sustainability in the region.

1. Green Earth Electrical
Green Earth Electrical is an electrical contractor providing renewable energy and energy efficiency solutions for commercial and residential properties. The company offers solar panel installation, energy audits, and LED lighting upgrades, and promotes the use of energy-saving products and technologies.

Benefits: Green Earth Electrical is committed to helping customers lower their energy bills, reduce their carbon emissions, and embrace sustainable practices. Their services and products contribute to a greener environment and support the transition to a low-carbon economy.

Contact: Phone: 0400 706 044, Email: info@greenearthelectrical.com.au

2. Wasteless Pantry
Wasteless Pantry is a zero-waste grocery store that sells package-free groceries and household items. The store encourages customers to bring their own containers and bags to eliminate single-use packaging and waste.

Benefits: Wasteless Pantry reduces the amount of plastic waste produced by the community and promotes sustainable consumption practices. The business provides a wide range of bulk goods, including groceries, household cleaners, and personal care products, to encourage sustainable living.

Contact: Phone: (08) 9106 5206, Email: info@wastelesspantry.com.au

3. Replas
Replas is an Australian-owned company that manufactures recycled plastic products for outdoor use. These products include park benches, decking, bollards, and picnic tables, among others.

Benefits: Replas promotes the use of recycled plastic over traditional materials, such as wood and metal, which contributes to the reduction of landfill waste. The company also offers a buy-back program, where customers can return their Replas products at the end of their life cycle to be recycled again.

Contact: Phone: (03) 9887 6677, Email: sales@replas.com.au

4. Good Earth Dairy
Good Earth Dairy is a family-owned company that produces Australian camel milk. The company uses sustainable farming practices, such as rotational grazing and organic fertilization methods, to promote the health of their camels and the land.

Benefits: Good Earth Dairy promotes sustainable agriculture and supports local farmers. Camel milk is a sustainable alternative to cow's milk, as camels require less water and feed than cows and produce less methane.

Contact: Phone: 0438083022, Email: hello@goodearthdairy.com.au

5. Solar Naturally
Solar Naturally is a solar panel installation company that provides renewable energy solutions for residential and commercial properties. The company offers a range of solar panels and battery storage solutions, with a focus on reducing carbon emissions and promoting sustainable energy practices.

Benefits: Solar Naturally helps customers reduce their energy bills and carbon footprint while promoting sustainable energy practices. The company provides high-quality products and services to support the transition to a low-carbon economy.

Contact: Phone: 1300 168 138, Email: info@solarnaturally.com.au

these businesses in the region of Murray contribute to Eco Green practices in various ways and promote sustainable living in the community. By adopting environmentally friendly practices and products, these organizations help to reduce waste, lower carbon emissions, and support the transition to a more sustainable future.

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